Don’t Confuse Science Experiments With Commitment

Some wisdom from Steve Blank. I like the idea ...

Published Jan 8, 2013 in Startups

Some wisdom from Steve Blank. I like the idea that “until you quit your day job, the title founder doesn’t even apply”.

Tens of thousands of people who could never afford to start a company can now start several over their lunch break. And with any glimmer of customer interest, they can decide whether they want to:

• run it as a part-time business

• commit full-time to build a “buyable startup” (~$5 to $25 million exit)

• commit full-time and try to build a scalable startup

__The Difference Between Science Experiments and Commitment. __ It’s important to note what these science experiments are not. They are not businesses. To turn them into buyable or scalable startups requires more than just working code or prototype hardware. It requires distribution, pricing, revenue models, demand generation, funding a team and all the other elements that turn something into a business. These elements remain difficult.

Visualizing Dilution

This is a great infographic from sh...

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