“Gun” “Control”

The author tries to say if we are going to regu...

Published Dec 17, 2012 in Politics, NoEmbed, Maker

The author tries to say if we are going to regulate guns, we need to figure out how to regulate people from “printing” guns with their 3D printers.

This seems like a bullshit argument to me. I mean we regulate cars, but people still modify them to the point of not being street legal. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t regulate them.

I don’t think the author is explicitly calling for no gun regulation, but the “issue” doesn’t seem to change the debate to me.

If we as a country, and indeed we as a global community, are going to seriously address the question of gun control, we need to address the issue of fabricated weapons and weapon plans, or else the discussion will be moot. This is because the proliferation of 3D printed weaponry changes both the definition of “gun” and of what it means to “control” it.



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