Autodesk, Organovo Partnership

Organovo is a company, based on the the very e...

Published Dec 19, 2012 in NoEmbed, Maker, Biotech

Organovo is a company, based on the the very exciting idea of printing living tissue using 3D printers. Basically it would allow a doctor to print out veins or organs using your own tissue. I must admit, I never gave much thought to need to design these organs, but partnering with Autodesk to build that software is a great idea.

Assay Depot used to share an office with Organovo. Really a great bunch of people.


Autodesk’s software may be best-known for helping architects design buildings or for prototyping products, but it soon may be applied to designing tissues and organs.

Autodesk and Organovo , a publicly-traded bioprinting company, are partnering on software for designing three-dimensional human tissues. While it’s still a few years too early for these tissues to be applied in treating humans, Organovo-printed tissues are already used in medical research.

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