Inequality for All

I can't wait to see " Inequality for All ". The...

Published Feb 4, 2013 in Politics, Economics

I can’t wait to see “ Inequality for All “.

The following statistic is amazing, especially when you consider the “American Dream” and how vehemently some in this country rail against “European Socialism”:

“If there was upward mobility it would be OK,” says Reich in the film. “But 42% of children born in poverty in the USA will stay there. In Denmark it’s 24%. Even in Great Britain, where they still have an aristocracy, it’s 30%.”

It’s probably a shocking statistic for Americans to hear. The problem is that by every index you can measure, inequality is worsening in Britain. There are fewer opportunities to overcome the barriers of your birth in the UK than in any other country in Europe.

Another interesting (not unfair) bit from the article is how the see us in the foreign press:

But American politics has become so polarised, so ideologically vicious, that it’s only a matter of time before it’s attacked by the right as Stalinist propaganda. “But I’m used to that,” he says. “I’ve been attacked at a personal level for the last 30 years. I’m just excited that this might trigger a debate. Though I’m trying not to get my hopes up.”

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