Dropbox Unveils Sync API

I hope this takes off. Mobile data synchronizat...

Published Feb 6, 2013 in iOS, NoEmbed, Mobile

I hope this takes off. Mobile data synchronization is a pain point for a lot of mobile devs. iCloud attempted to fix that, but falls kind of short and certainly isn’t cross platform. Dropbox is a natural provider for a service like this.


Dropbox is unveiling a brand new API for developers today that should give mobile app makers an excellent new tool to work with. The Dropbox Sync API allows apps for iOS and Android to treat files stored on a user’s Dropbox account as if they were local, managing syncing, caching, offline access and tracking changes easily so that developers only have to worry about building an app, and not the storage and management of the files users create with said software.

Inequality for All

I can't wait to see " Inequality for All ". The...

Published Feb 4, 2013 in Politics, Economics