The Potential for Drones

According to Marketplace, San Diego has over 60...

Published May 26, 2013 in Drones

According to Marketplace, San Diego has over 60% of the existing drone market, which is in it’s infancy.

The best place to see the booming drone industry is San Diego. “San Diego has the lion share, probably well north of 60 percent of UAV activity in the U.S. when it comes to manufacturing and research and development,” says Erik Bruvold, who studied the economic impact of the industry in San Diego.

The also state that they expect the the worldwide demand for UAV’s to double in the next ten years, which seems like a dramatic underestimate to me… as in, one or to orders of magnitude low.

“Our expectation, which is a fairly conservative estimate, is that worldwide demand for UAVs will double over the next 10 years,” Bruvold says.

That being said, this article does focus on military applications. I believe the vast majority of drone use in the next decade will be in the private sector.

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