Start Small and Good

This is a test The way you'll get big ideas in...

Published Aug 27, 2013 in Startups, Draft

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The way you’ll get big ideas in, say, health care is by starting out with small ideas. If you try to do some big thing, you don’t just need it to be big; you need it to be good. And it’s really hard to do big and good simultaneously. So, what that means is you can either do something small and good and then gradually make it bigger, or do something big and bad and gradually make it better. And you know what? Empirically, starting big just does not work. That’s the way the government does things. They do something really big that’s really bad, and they think, Well, we’ll make it better, and then it never gets better.

This is a test

The Racial Dot Map

This is a remarkable map, using a dot to map ev...

Published Aug 26, 2013 in Data Visualization, Map