To eat or be eaten?

This is the flip-side of Marc Adreesen's " Soft...

Published Nov 30, 2012 in Software, Technology

This is the flip-side of Marc Adreesen’s “ Software is Eating the World “. Interesting distinction, is software eating the world, or is the world eating software?

When I look at what excites me, I see a much bigger world than just software. I’ve already argued that biology is in the process of exploding , and the biological revolution could be even bigger than the computer revolution. I’m increasingly interested in hardware and gadgetry, which I used to ignore almost completely. And we’re following the “Internet of Things” (and in particular, the “Internet of Very Big Things” ) very closely. I’m not saying that software is irrelevant or uninteresting. I firmly believe that software will be a component of every (well, almost every) important new technology. But what grabs me these days isn’t software as a thing in itself, but software as a component of some larger system. The software may be what makes it work, but it’s not about the software.

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