The Stripe Webhook Event Cheatsheet

Very nice cheat sheet for Stripe webhooks. Ne...

Published Jan 31, 2014 in Software

Very nice cheat sheet for Stripe webhooks. Next Stripe integration I do, I’ll definitely be referring to this. Below is a very small sample of the cheat sheet.

Simple One-off Purchases with Charges

1. Customer successfully purchases a single one-off item

The simplest possible starting point. A single one-off purchase.

charge.succeeded ( Charge )

2. Customer’s card is declined

This event also describes other failure modes, like an invalid expiration date or a failed CVC check if you have the option turned on to decline on a failed check.

charge.failed ( Charge )

How We Built Deferred Deep Links

What tap stream has done with Deferred Deep Lin...

Published Jan 28, 2014 in iOS, Software