The Curious Field of Metamaterials

Wow, I had no idea "metamaterials" like this ex...

Published Dec 2, 2012 in Science

Wow, I had no idea “metamaterials” like this existed (or could exist)! This article discusses cloaking devices and a material that does the opposite of compressing (negative compression) when you squeeze it among other things.

__ What are metamaterials?__

Metamaterials are artificial materials that have periodic geometric structures constructed from microscopic materials that can be engineered to steer light, sound and (possibly matter) in useful ways. One can use the geometry, size and arrangement of the material structures to create different effects. One classic example , would be using an array of copper coils to cloak a 2D object from a particular frequency of electro magnetic wave, as Duke University did in 2006 . Metamaterials express some of the most interesting properties ever seen in materials and have the potential to change most industries in profound ways from science to communications and even art.

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