Convert Your Dash Snippets to Quiver

Convert Dash's sqlite database to the directory structure expected by Quiver.

Published Feb 12, 2016 in Programming

I’ve been using Dash for quite sometime and have a few hundred snippets captured. However, something about it’s keybindings always felt “off” to me and the search capability has been sorely lacking.

This week I discovered Quiver, I’m still testing it out, but so far I like it. However, to really test it, I need my snippets, and it was unfortunately missing an imported for Dash.

So I wrote one. Luckily Dash using sqlite, so finding it’s structure was easy. Quiver uses JSON and particular file structure, which they document well.

Just copy or ln -s your Snippets.dash into the same directory as the code below. Out will come a Quiver Notebook which can be easily imported.

require "json"
require "sqlite3"
require "fileutils"

notebook_name = "Snippets.qvnotebook"
notebook_uuid = SecureRandom.uuid
notebook_meta = {
  name: "Imported from Dash",
  uuid: notebook_uuid
}"#{notebook_name}/meta.json", "w") { |f| f.puts notebook_meta.to_json }

db ="Snippets.dash")
db.execute("select sid, title, body, syntax from snippets") do |note_row|
  tags = []
  db.execute("select t.tag from tags t, tagsIndex ti where t.tid = ti.tid AND ti.sid = ?", note_row.first) do |tag_row|
    tags << tag_row.first
  note_syntax = case note_row[3]
  when "Shell"
  note_uuid = SecureRandom.uuid
  note_meta = {
    tags: tags,
    title: note_row[1],
    uuid: note_uuid
  }"#{notebook_name}/#{note_uuid}.qvnote/meta.json", "w") { |f| f.puts note_meta.to_json }

  note_content = {
    title: note_row[1],
    cells: [
        type: "code",
        language: note_syntax,
        data: note_row[2]
  }"#{notebook_name}/#{note_uuid}.qvnote/content.json", "w") { |f| f.puts note_content.to_json }

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