The Nate Silver backlash

People really don't understand statistics. Fiv...

Published Oct 30, 2012 in Politics, Statistics

People really don’t understand statistics. FiveThirtyEight is one of the best informed blogs out there (in my opinion). In this article the Washington Post covers some of the people attacking it.

But it’s just as important to be clear about this: If Mitt Romney wins on election day, it doesn’t mean Silver’s model was wrong. After all, the model has been fluctuating between giving Romney a 25 percent and 40 percent chance of winning the election. That’s a pretty good chance! If you told me I had a 35 percent chance of winning a million dollars tomorrow, I’d be excited. And if I won the money, I wouldn’t turn around and tell you your information was wrong. I’d still have no evidence I’d ever had anything more than a 35 percent chance.

Rails 4 in 30'

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Published Oct 29, 2012 in Web, Software