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The Republican party should jettison all of thi...

Published Nov 28, 2012 in Politics

The Republican party should jettison all of this Grover Norquist crap. Taxes are a reflection of government’s role in our society and should be discussed as such.

James Carville said :

If you’re going to be successful in politics, you have to pick one. One of the great statements of the Kerry campaign was when they said, “We have a nuanced and layered message.” It can’t be nuanced and layered and be a message – it just can’t.

I understand the need to keep the message simple, but a binding pledge that’s backed up by the threat of political attacks is despicable and certainly no way to govern.

For 20 years Democrats have tried over and over to trick Republicans into breaking the pledge. It hasn’t happened. This isn’t my first rodeo.


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