DIY Bioprinter

I've thought Bioprinting was a great idea ever ...

Published Jan 28, 2013 in Maker, Biotech

I’ve thought Bioprinting was a great idea ever since I heard about it from Organovo. Now it seems some hackers are bringing bioprinting to the DIY movement. It’s amazing how fast these hi-tech machines are getting translated into something that anyone can own and use.

According to Wired, here are some of the possible uses for a bioprinter:

  • Print gradients of nutrients and/or antibiotics on a layer of cells to study combinatorial interactions — or even to select different isolates from an environmental sample.
  • Print patterns of growth factors on a layer of eukaryotic cells to study cell differentiation.
  • Print two or more microbial species at different distances from each other, to study metabolic interactions.
  • Set up a computational problem as a 2-D pattern of engineered microbes on an agar plate.
  • Study Reaction-Diffusion systems.
  • Print 3-D structures by over-printing layers using the inkjet head. Now you can consider doing all the above in 3-D!
  • Print cell in a sodium alginate solution, onto a surface soaked in calcium chloride, to build up 3D gel structures (similar to spherification process in Molecular Gastronomy )

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