Web App Tests the Printability of Your 3-D Designs

I love the concept of this web app. The rendere...

Published Dec 8, 2012 in Maker

I love the concept of this web app. The renderer appears to be a true HTML5 canvas based rendered. It was a bit too slow to run on my computer, but I think there is (or will be) a big market for an efficient canvas based renderer for these types of files.

Red areas will have a rougher surface texture than yellow sections.

Anyone who’s operated a 3-D printer knows there is more to it than just quickly designing an idea and pressing “print.” In order to get good parts without errors, artistry is required. A designer needs to balance their design with the machine that is being used, how the part is oriented, and where it’s placed on a build platform. Make the wrong choice and you could spend hours and hundreds of dollars on a part with the 3-D equivalent of a typo.

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