LaunchImage Names and Dimensions

List Test This is a paragraph Red Orange Yell...

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List Test

This is a paragraph

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
    • Hunter Green
    • Lime Green
      1. Lime
      2. Lemon
      3. Orange
      4. Grape Fruit
    • Aqua Marine
  5. Blue
  6. Purple

Many iOS apps use the LaunchImage functionality either in conjunction with a splash screen or to make the app appear to load quicker. Below is a list of all the filenames and dimensions for the various iOS devices.

Device Image Name Dimensions
Original iPhone Default.png 320x480
iPhone 4 & 4s Default@2x.png 640x960
iPhone 5 Default-568h@2x.png 640x1136
Original iPad Default~ipad.png 768x1004
Original iPad Landscape Default-Landscape~ipad.png 1024x748
iPad Retina Default@2x~ipad.png 1536x2008
iPad Retina Landscape Default-Landscape@2x~ipad.png 2048x1496

ImageMagick Resize and Crop Script

convert original.png -resize "480x" -crop "320x480+80+0" Default.png
convert original.png -resize "960x" -crop "640x960+160+0" Default@2x.png
convert original.png -resize "1136x" -crop "640x1136+248+0" Default-568h@2x.png
convert original.png -resize "1004x" -crop "768x1004+118+0" Default~ipad.png
convert original.png -resize "1004x" -crop "768x1004+118+0" Default~ipad.png
convert original.png -resize "1024x" -crop "1024x748+0+138" Default-Landscape~ipad.png
convert original.png -resize "2008x" -crop "1536x2008+236+0" Default@2x~ipad.png
convert original.png -resize "2048x" -crop "2048x1496+0+276" Default-Landscape@2x~ipad.png

Launch the RubyMotion Simulator in Different Configurations

rake simulator device_family=iphone
rake simulator device_family=iphone retina=3.5 
rake simulator device_family=iphone retina=4
rake simulator device_family=ipad
rake simulator device_family=ipad retina=true

Icon Sizes

Device Image Name Icon Size
iPhone (iPod Touch) Icon.png 57x57
iPhone (iPod Touch) - Retina Icon@2x.png 114x114
iPad Icon-72.png 72x72
iPad - Retina Icon-72@2x.png 144x144
App Store iTunesArtwork.png 512x512
App Store Retina iTunesArtwork@2x.png 1024x1024

ImageMagick Resize Icon Script

convert iTunesArtwork@2x.png -resize "512x" iTunesArtwork.png
convert iTunesArtwork@2x.png -resize "57x" Icon.png
convert iTunesArtwork@2x.png -resize "72x" Icon-72.png
convert iTunesArtwork@2x.png -resize "114x" Icon@2x.png
convert iTunesArtwork@2x.png -resize "144x" Icon-72@2x.png

This is a test this is only a test

  def html(field)
    markdown = dynamic_fields(self.send(field))
    html = if markdown.present?
      redcarpet =, :autolink => true, :space_after_headers => true, :tables => true)

This is a test this is only a test

| Column 1 | Column 2 | Column 3 |
| Value 1  | Value 2  | Value 3  |
| Value 1a | Value 2a | Value 3a |
* This is a _test_
* This is **only** a test

This is a test this is only a test

    <tr class="row">
      <th class="header">Column 1</th>
      <th class="header">Column 2</th>
      <th class="header">Column 3</th>
    <tr class="row">
      <td class="cell">Value 1</td>
      <td class="cell">Value 2</td>
      <td class="cell">Value 3</td>
      <td class="cell">Value 1a</td>
      <td class="cell">Value 2a</td>
      <td class="cell">Value 3a</td>

==This is 2^(nd) test, this is only a test==.

I’m ‘still testing’, ‘this’ is “just a test” of some “quotes”

This is a test

Interactive Tactile Experiences in Free Air

This is an interesting way to make interfaces m...

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