Forbes - 10 Traits Every New Technology Hire Needs To Possess

Curiosity is the most important trait a technology candidate can possess.

Published Dec 26, 2017 in Hiring, Technology, Business, Mentions

I told Forbes that curiosity is the most important trait to look for when evaluating new hires for technology based positions.


When debugging an issue, curiosity means asking “why” a few more times than the next person. When innovating, it means a broader range of interests to draw from. Curiosity within technology is great, but I’m really looking for curiosity in the most general sense. Curious people are natural learners and, this may be selfish, but I just like being around them.

- Christopher Petersen,

Forbes - 15 Factors Essential For Tech Executives

Trust in your team is the most powerful thing a technology executive can do.

Published Dec 20, 2017 in Technology, Business, Mentions