Outsourcing Pharma covers Data Smart launch

Outsourcing-pharma.com covers our Data Smart launch.

Published May 3, 2018 in Health Care

Outsourcing Pharma covered the launch of our Data Integrity Initiative, which is part of our broader Data Smart program.

Cryptocurrencies are built on blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies use blockchain to prove that transactions are valid and occurred at a specific time, even in an environment where participants are not incentivized to help one another. That’s the breakthrough that makes cryptocurrencies possible. We’ve applied that same technology to prove the existence of data collected at a specific point in time, which has not been altered since, nor can be altered in the future.

- Christopher Petersen, Scientist.com

You can read the Outsourcing Pharma article. here.

Blockchain’s ability to ensure the integrity of information is the basis of its use in cryptocurrencies. In biopharma research we need blockchain technology to verify and validate the supply chain and to ensure the integrity of research data

- Christopher Petersen, Scientist.com

The Data Smart press release is here.

Drug Discovery Chemistry

I had the honor of introducing Dr Benjamin Cravatt as the keynote speaker at this year's Drug Discovery Chemistry conference.

Published Apr 17, 2018 in Health Care