The Brittle Grip

Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo looks at T...

Published Jan 28, 2014 in Finance, Inequality

Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo looks at Tom Perkins ridiculous comparison of the 1% to Jews in Nazi Germany.

Suddenly, there was vast public animus at “Wall Street” and the Big Banks, exacerbated massively by the politics of the bailout. And not just from the left but from the right too, though in a different form. Pretty deserved on many levels: the financial sector, the figurative “Wall Street”, had come close to crashing the global economic system by a mix of irresponsible risk taking and gaming the political system to permit this high-risk, wealth-juicing leverage. But if we’re to understand the psychology of the individuals involved we must appreciate the whipsaw nature of that experience.

I must admit, I’ve struggle to understand why the 1% feel so embattled. This is the first article I’ve read that makes some sense.

The Infinite Series and the Mind-Blowing Result.

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