Sometimes Design is Pulling your Clients into the Future

I like this description of a designer. I'd say ...

Published Nov 6, 2012 in Design

I like this description of a designer. I’d say it applies to developers and entrepreneurs as well.

Designers: Unsatisfied and Optimistic

Designers hold two opposing thoughts in their mind at the same time: you are at once unsatisfied with how things are and optimistic about the future. That’s an odd combination if you think about it. Most optimistic people are not unsatisfied…and most unsatisfied people are not optimistic. Holding those two ideas in the mind at the same time is not easy…it can be a manic ride. Wow…that totally sucks! Ugh…devastated. But WAIT…what if it were like THIS! That would be awesome…let’s go build it!

Open-source design

The maker movement is so cool. I really think t...

Published Nov 5, 2012 in Maker