CBS is looking pretty heavy handed

First CBS (CNET's parent company) refused to le...

Published Feb 2, 2013 in

First CBS (CNET’s parent company) refused to let CNET give it’s best in show award to Dish’s Hopper because it competes with a product of theirs.

Then CES gave CNET the boot as a sponsor over the ethically dubious move.

Then CBS forbid CNET from reviewing Aereo.

Now, CBS bans SodaStream from advertising during the SuperBowl because it competes with Coke and Pepsi, two of it’s biggest advertisers.

Never mind that obvious fact that COKE AND PEPSI COMPETE WITH EACH OTHER. It’s pretty disturbing and short sighted of CBS to get involved. I like how David Baldwin put it, “No more ‘Davids’ allowed I guess at CBS”.

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